10 Common Misconceptions about Bariatric Surgery

Common Misconception of Bariatric Surgery

With obesity at an all-time high, bariatric surgery seems to be the only ray of hope. If reports are to be believed, about 13% of the world’s adult population was obese in 2016. Not only this, obesity even almost tripled itself between 1975 and 2016. This is when bariatric surgery seems to be the ideal solution. But the common misconceptions related to the surgery often pull the people back!
Not anymore!
In here, we have debunked some of the most common myths of bariatric surgery.Move confidently on this awesome journey of weight loss without any second thought!
Let’s get started.

People should exercise more and eat less instead of opting bariatric surgery

A lot of fitness trainers and gym owners are trying to increase their business by advising you against bariatric surgery. It is important to mention here that overeating is not the only cause of obesity. Instead, various other factors like genes, lifestyle, metabolism, and cultural factors play an active role in increasing your body mass index. This is when bariatric surgery helps you out.

Bariatric surgery has a higher risk of death than obesity

This misconception is keeping a lot of people from undergoing their transformational journey. Doctors have reiterated it many times that bariatric surgery is safer than a hip replacement procedure. While weight loss surgery has almost no threat to life but obesity has and it will only get worse. To say the least, obesity makes you prone to developing diabetes, and other heart-related diseases.

Women cannot have kids after bariatric surgery

Bariatric surgery has no effects on your conceiving abilities. Even after bariatric surgery, you can conceive and give birth. In fact, it is obesity that affects your conceiving abilities and also adds up to the pain of delivering a kid. After bariatric surgery, you will weigh less. This will make it easier for you to get pregnant. You will be able to carry your baby around and get give birth without experiencing a lot of pain.

Recovering from weight loss surgery is a long process

This is yet another misconception that is keeping people from undergoing weight loss surgery and transforming their lives. No, it is not true, you only need 15 days to recover from bariatric surgery and get back to normal life.

Weight loss surgery is not covered by insurance

Even lethal diseases like cancer are covered by insurances. Thus, do not simply assume that weight loss surgery will not be covered. Many insurance companies are encouraging people to undergo weight loss surgery and increase their lifespan. An insurance company will rather pay for one surgery instead of paying for new diseases every other day.

Patients always regain the weight

Some people are just too lazy to acquire a new lifestyle, hence they end up getting back into their obese state. All you need to do is keep your lifestyle in check, and you are good to go.
This surgery has helped thousands of people from other lethal diseases by helping them adopt a better lifestyle.

Patients often become addicted to alcohol after weight loss surgery

This has got nothing do with bariatric surgery. People tend to drink more because they were not able to do so before. Their obesity was not allowing them to have fun. Now that they are thin and have lost a good amount of weight, they can eat and drink freely.

The reduced size of the stomach means you can hold fewer nutrients

This is perhaps one of the most ridiculous myths related to weight loss surgery. Yes, this surgery might reduce the size of the stomach. But it will have no effect on the number of nutrients you can take or absorb. The potential of the stomach is not restricted by these surgeries. One can continue to eat healthy food and it will all showcase on his body.

Bariatric surgery will change your life and improve your relationships

Bariatric Surgery can help you get rid of 35-50 percent of extra weight, and is not aimed to improve your relationships. However, once you have better health, your relationships and financial condition start improving too. A healthy body will assist you in everything, making it easier for you to achieve new goals and improve dying relationships.

Weight surgeries are an easy way out

If you think that Bariatric Surgery is a one-time solution that will fix all your weight-related issues, then you are wrong. There are hundred percent chances that you will gain all your weight back if you do not change your lifestyle. Bariatric surgery provides you with an opportunity, with a window to make changes in your lifestyle and eating pattern. The lifestyle that you adopt afterward will decide the course of your future. If you exercise regularly and eat healthily, you will never grow fat. However, if you adopt a junk lifestyle, then you might gain all that weight back.

The Wrap Up

These were some of the myths related to bariatric surgery.

Do not fall for any such hoaxes, instead of clear all your doubts by visiting your doctor. Rest assured, you will definitely love the entire experience. The thought of being able to eat the food that you want, party with friends, and play with kids definitely sounds liberating.
Put your life on the track with the bariatric surgery and live to the fullest.

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