About The Centro Medico Puerta de Hierro

The Centro Medico Puerta de Hierro is member of the Mayo Clinic Care, the number 1 hospital organization in United States.

Puerta de Hierro Medical Center is recognized by the Consejo de Salubridad General a federal health authority for compliance with national protocols in safety, medical care, hospital infrastructure and current regulations.

The Puerta de Hierro Medical Center hospital has established itself as a medical institution whose Mission is to transform health care into memorable and positive experiences. Alo Bariatrics is proud to serve their patients at Puerta de Hierro Hospital

Affordable Bariatric Surgery in Guadalajara

Located in one of the most beautiful and safe areas of Guadalajara, ALO Bariatrics is part of the specialized Obesity Clinic at Hospital Real San José. World renown for its cutting edge treatment of obesity, obstetrics, and stem cell therapies, Hospital Real San José is one of the most sought after international health care destinations. They offer some of the most state of the art technology and imaging equipment in all of Mexico, including CT, MRI, digitalized mammography, and 3D and 4D Doppler ultrasound. Offering the highest quality of modern medicine, Hospital Real San José provides first class care to patients from all around the world.

The Obesity Clinic in Hospital Real San José utilizes specialized equipment to meet the specific needs of the bariatric patient. One of only a few locations that offer customized STERIS surgical tables designed specifically to safely and effectively accommodate a variety of patient sizes, our bariatric patients can be assured they are receiving the highest dedication of care.

Hospital Real San José is recognized by the International Medical Tourism Chamber of Commerce and is PACAL recognized for excellence in quality of clinical laboratory practices.

Weight loss surgery options available in Gudalajara:

Vertical Gastric Sleeve, Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Surgery, Duodenal Switch, Mini-gastric Bypass, Lap Band/Adjustable Gastric Band, and Weight Loss Revision Surgery

Specialized Bariatric Equipment

Equipment designed specifically for the bariatric patient.

Full Service Hospital

Multi-disciplinary medical staff with full service Intensive Care Unit and Emergency Room.

IMTCC Accredited

Accredited by the International Medical Tourism Chamber of Commerce to receive patients from around the world.

Enchanting, Historic Guadalajara

Guadalajara is Mexico’s second largest metropolitan area. Considered Mexico’s cultural center, Guadalajara is rich in beauty, history, and the arts. A “privileged” location, Guadalajara boasts some of Mexico’s most amazing plazas, gardens, parks, monuments and historical centers making it a premier destination for international tourists.

Guadalajara has near perfect weather year round with winter temperatures in the mid 70’s and summer highs typically in the upper 80’s.

Known as the “Silicon Valley” of Mexico due to the large influx of tech giants such as HP, Motorola, IBM and GE, Guadalajara boasts one of the most thriving economies in latin america.

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ALO Bariatrics: Guadalajara

Located just 30 minutes from the airport in one of the most beautiful zones of Guadalajara.

ALO Bariatrics Center

Hospital Real San José
Calz Lázaro Cárdenas 4149
Jardín de San Ignacio
45040 Zapopan, Jal.

Patient Recovery Resort

Hotel Malibú
Avenida Vallarta
3993 Colonia Don Bosco Vallarta
Guadalajara 45049

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