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Gastric Sleeve Surgery Vs Gastric Bypass Surgery

Differentiating Gastric Sleeve Surgery and Gastric Bypass Surgery for Weight Loss

Gastric sleeve, also known as Vertical sleeve gastrectomy, is a choice for individuals who are very ill or cannot endure more intense bariatric processes. It can be a 2-step process’ first part or a standalone surgery which engages a consecutive surgery – usually a complete gastric bypass – for losing a person’s remaining extra weight. Besides, gastric bypass is a quite more meddlesome process which helps to lower the size of the stomach by creating a tiny pocket surgically in the stomach. This article will compare gastric sleeve vs. gastric bypass so you can know their differences in detail and […]

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Everything to Know About Recovering From Gastric Bypass Surgery

Gastric bypass is the most common bariatric surgery that treats obesity. Patients spend almost 2-5 days in the hospital if complications arise. The nurses monitor you closely when you return to the hospital cabin after having surgery. In this article, you will find how to get a complete recovery after bariatric surgery. Tips To Follow For Recovering From Bariatric Surgery Alongside periodic check-up of your important signs – respiration, temperature, pulse, and blood pressure – the nurses will motivate and help you perform leg movement exercises, coughing deep breathing, and the process of getting out of bed. These all functions […]

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Are You a Candidate for Weight Loss Surgery?

Normally if you want to lose weight and get fit you only need to enroll at your local fitness gym, hire a coach and do sets of workout routine. However, for overweight people, it is a different case. Because of their addiction to food and inability to move as nimble as normal people, they require a special medical treatment to lose weight. Overweight and obese people need bariatric weight loss surgery. But how do you know if you need weight loss surgery? What are the criteria for it? Weight loss surgery is not for everyone, in fact, it is a […]

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Quit Artificial Sweeteners To Stay Fit And Healthy

Over the years, various studies have been conducted around the artificial sweeteners side effects. While all the reports were against, people were still considering taking the sweeteners, thinking they are harmless. Hold your horses if you are still hoping that science will give a green signal to the use of artificial sweeteners, you are completely wrong. As per the latest statistics, 40 percent of American adults are obese and the contributing factor is processed foods and sweetened beverages. Because the manufacturers are using artificial sweeteners rather than sugar doesn’t mean sweeteners are healthy. If you ask me, these sweeteners are […]

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Benefits Of Bariatric Surgery For Diabetes Treatment

Currently, there are more than 150 million individuals in the world who have diabetes, and the number is increasing quickly. Most of these people have the type 2 diabetes type, that is associated with overweight and obesity, old age, family history, and insufficient exercise. Unlike in patient with type one diabetes where the pancreases produce less insulin the type two patients have their pancreases producing enough insulin for no reason. Diabetes leads to strokes, blindness, blood vessel and heart disease, amputations, kidney failure, and nerve damage. Therapies such as diet, oral anti-diabetic drugs, exercise, and insulin do not cure this […]

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