México Bariatric Surgery Center

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Dr. Antonio Molina

Dr. Molina joined the ALO Bariatrics team in 2012 as a doctor of internal medicine. Dr. Molina performs patient pre-operative medical evaluations to assess patient health prior to weight loss surgery. He is an esteemed former professor of Cardiology at the University of Xochicalco and current professor of Infectious Diseases at the University of Baja California. He currently works with ALO Bariatrics while maintaining his own private practice at the Lomas and del Prado Medical Centers.

Professional Affiliations

  • Mexican College of Internal Medicine
  • Mexican Council of Internal Medicine
edgar farias
Dr. Edgar Farias

“Working with people who are overweight and obese gives me the opportunity to not only help provide a substantial improvement in their health, but also allows me to be part of the process by which our patients start a healthier, happier new life.”