México Bariatric Surgery Center

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Dr. Salvador Ramirez

Dr. Ramirez is a board certified surgeon with over 14 years of experience with advanced specialized training in laparoscopic, endoscopic, and bariatric surgeries. He is a former full-time faculty professor of human anatomy at the University of Guadalajara and a tenured member of the Medical Association of Jalisco Medical College. He has also taught classes in bioethics, surgery, and surgical techniques.

Dr. Ramirez has been recognized multiple times by the Secretary of Education for his support and contributions in the field of general surgery.

Professional Affiliations

  • Medical Society of University of Guadalajara
  • Medical Society of Security and Social Services
  • Residents National Society of Security and Social Services
  • Medical Association of Jalisco Medical College
Dr. Antonio Molina

“Having experienced obesity throughout most of my life and being a bariatric patient of Dr. López myself, I am able to feel more in touch with my patients, as this experience has allowed me to not only be a healthier human being, but a better, more understanding physician as well.”

edgar farias
Dr. Edgar Farias

“Working with people who are overweight and obese gives me the opportunity to not only help provide a substantial improvement in their health, but also allows me to be part of the process by which our patients start a healthier, happier new life.”