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About Our Team

Obesity Treatment – Experienced Bariatric Surgeons
Meet the ALO Bariatrics Team

The ALO Bariatrics team is a group of highly trained specialists that have dedicated their profession to treating patients with obesity, Metabolic Syndrome, and other associated weight-related conditions. Our expert bariatric surgeons have a combined experience of more than 40 years and have performed more than 4,000 successful surgical weight loss operations.

We offer complete patient care from our full-service, bilingual staff of bariatric surgeons, physicians, nutritionists, nurses, and patient coordinators. Our entire team is fully committed to your weight loss and here to support you every step of the way.

anakaren vargas
Anakaren Vargas

“I have always cared for others and love to spend time with my patients. Nutrition is a very important field. I enjoy educating our patients on how to eat healthy to improve their quality of life. “

sandra castaneda
Sandra Castañeda

“Often our patients will not remember the names of all the people who help them in this important life changing event, but my goal is to ensure they will always remember the support, tranquility and good treatment they received.”

Fatima Flores

“Nursing is a very important profession. I enjoy encouraging our patients to live better, healthier lives and making them feel at home as they turn this important corner and head to their new futures.”

dr graxiola
Dr. Leonardo Graxiola

“My goal is to encourage those struggling with obesity to be in the best shape and health possible. I am here for my patients to provide support and confidence in their abilities through my knowledge and personal experiences”

Dr. Antonio Molina

“Having experienced obesity throughout most of my life and being a bariatric patient of Dr. López myself, I am able to feel more in touch with my patients, as this experience has allowed me to not only be a healthier human being, but a better, more understanding physician as well.”

edgar farias
Dr. Edgar Farias

“Working with people who are overweight and obese gives me the opportunity to not only help provide a substantial improvement in their health, but also allows me to be part of the process by which our patients start a healthier, happier new life.”