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Duodenal Switch Surgery In Abroad


Duodenal Switch


Duodenal Switch FAQs

Length of Procedure:
2.5 – 3 hours

Average Hospital Stay:
2 nights

Recommended Time Off Work:
1 -2 weeks

Typical Weight Loss:
95 – 100% of excess weight in 2 years

What is Duodenal Switch Surgery?

Duodenal switch is a surgical weight loss procedure that is a combination of a restrictive and malabsorptive type. In a duodenal switch procedure the stomach capacity is reduced by 70-80% forming a gastric sleeve and the connection to the intestine re-routed leaving only 20 – 30% of viable intestine for food absorption. The exclusion of a greater part of intestine for absorption gives the procedure the benefit of not regaining weight in the long term. This is a procedure offers all benefits of a gastric sleeve plus the shortcut of the intestine that will aid in the metabolic syndrome, but with very long term results.

Are you a candidate for duodenal switch surgery?

Obese patients with metabolic syndrome who can have access to a permanent nutritional and psychological follow up are excellent candidates for this procedure. Duodenal switch patients must be very committed the post-operative routine and be willing to follow a nutritional supplement program in order to prevent malnourishment. Extremely obese individuals are typically not good candidates for this procedure due to the technical difficulty of carrying out the operation.