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FAQs Gastric Sleeve

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Gastric Sleeve Frequent Asked Questions


Prior to surgery the patient has to be in a pre-op diet. This diet will depend on the patient’s BMI, the diet can start from 20 to 10 days prior to surgery. It’s high protein, low fat and low carbs. Then a few days prior to surgery, clear liquids diet.

The post-operative diet is a progressive diet, that change the phase week by week until the 4th week after surgery, when the complete diet starts. The fist week post-op starts with clear liquids, second week is complete liquids and the 3rd week soft food (pureed).

After this the patient can have a complete diet, taking care of choosing the best quality of food and make long term healthy habits.

Recovery Period

The recovery is fast. The patient can perform normal activities 48 hrs after the procedure.

Many patients return to light duty jobs within 1 week period, if heavy lifting is involved in your job (>30 pounds) recommendation is minimum of 6 weeks.

Pain Management

The pain after surgery is somatic medium to low, secondary to the CO2 used during the surgical procedure and to the distension.

It’s treated with anti-inflammatory, steroid and non-steriod anesthetics.

In patients with chronic pain due to previous diseases, we can use opiates.

We encourage the patient to an early start of ambulatory movement to release gas, and this is the best solution for this kind of pain.

What to pack

We suggest you to take along some gas X strips, some packs of gauze, a roll of medical tape, pack lightly and take a comfortable pair of walking shoes.

What can I expect during my stay?

Our coordinators will be assisting you in any concerns you have during your stay.

Our medical team will take care of everything that correspond them.

You will have the best services and high quality facilities.

Required tests after surgery

Prior to surgery we perform to our patients General exams focused in the cardiovascular system.

Blood work: complete blood count, coagulation times and blood chemistry

After surgery we suggest our patients to monitor their health by doing some lab test.

The Laboratory tests may be at the 3rd, 9th an 15th month after surgery. And those may include:

  • Lipids,
  • CBC (complete blood count),
  • Blood Chemistry,
  • Albumin,
  • Total protein,
  • Iron tests,
  • Vitamins and trace minerals,
  • Electrolytes.

Staples and reinforcement

The staples used for gastric sleeve are titanium.

After surgery, the three rows of titanium staples will remain in the stomach. The stomach will heal (just like other areas of the body), and will form solid stomach barrier.

The ALO Bariatrics team always reinforces the staple line with non-absorbable suture to prevent leaks and guarantee the patient’s safety.