Quit Artificial Sweeteners To Stay Fit And Healthy

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Over the years, various studies have been conducted around the artificial sweeteners side effects. While all the reports were against, people were still considering taking the sweeteners, thinking they are harmless. Hold your horses if you are still hoping that science will give a green signal to the use of artificial sweeteners, you are completely wrong.
As per the latest statistics, 40 percent of American adults are obese and the contributing factor is processed foods and sweetened beverages. Because the manufacturers are using artificial sweeteners rather than sugar doesn’t mean sweeteners are healthy. If you ask me, these sweeteners are as harmful as sugar to the body.artificial sweeteners side effects

Artificial sweeteners – major cause of obesity and diabetes

As the time evolved, people switched to artificial sweeteners which in turn increased the risk of diabetes and obesity. Although sugar is harmful, the sweeteners are even more dangerous as the effects of artificial sweeteners on the body are detrimental. However, they affect vascular functioning causing impairments and many more disabilities.

Either it is sugar or artificial sweetener, continuous intake for three weeks harm the blood vessel lining to a greater degree, as seen in animals. More than sugar, the sweeteners appeared to be the worst. A study conducted recently showed that artificial sweeteners modify your body processing of fat thus producing energy at the cellular level. Another research by lead author Brian Hoffmann, it is seen that continuous consumption of sugar weakens the body because your body has the machinery to control sugar levels which break when overloaded for longer duration. And when we talk about sweeteners, they wear that machinery down. Why?

Because when you take sweeteners instead of sugar, the body is not getting the desired amount of sugar and lack in energy it needs. Here sugar is required to let the body function properly which sweeteners cannot provide – thus causing the body to wear down as your body will make the muscles its sugar source.

Artificial sweeteners promote fat storage

With regular intake of artificial sweeteners, your body gets prone to appetite, carbs cravings which further promote fat storage. Also, due to metabolic dysfunctions, the body tends to gain weight. Other than weight gain, these sweeteners have adverse effects like crossing the blood brain barrier to attack your brain cells and creating cellular overstimulation. Few disabilities linked to the increased use of artificial sweeteners are:

  • Signs of anaemia due to decreased red blood cells.
  • Increased male infertility because the sweeteners interrupt sperm production.
  • Kidney enlargement
  • Increased risk of miscarriage
  • Increased death rate according to a study done on rabbits

Other health issues

According to an in-depth scientific review published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental health, it has been revealed that sucralose (a sweetener) can cause cancer and endocrine disruption. As sucralose can destroy gut bacteria, an animal research showed it is capable to kill 50 percent of your microbiome. Since gut bacteria is important for the body, destructing it makes your body prone to unfriendly microorganisms, causing more health problems.

effects of artificial sweeteners on the body

Next, sucralose alters glucose and insulin levels and responses, pushing you towards diabetes. Not only do artificial sweeteners impacts insulin sensitivity, they also promote weight gain which is further related to many health problems like strokes and cardiovascular disease.

Drink lots of water for good health

Well, you now know how sweeteners can take a toll on your health, don’t you? To get rid of these artificial sweeteners, what you can do is drink clean water and say goodbye to adverse health effects. Like you know, the sweeteners are often linked with appetite stimulation, increased carb cravings, fat storage and weight gain, they can worsen your health beyond your expectations. In addition to that, artificial sweeteners have a long list of harmful effects, most of which are related to brain damage and intestine damage. So it is important for you to know how serious your health can be if sweeteners are taken regularly. Sugar is much better than sweeteners but of course, excess of everything is bad. As sugar promotes unhealthy bacterial growth, people lack in healthy bacteria already due to the consumption of highly processed foods.

Drink pure clean water as a zero calorie drink as there is nothing better than that. Water is the only beverage containing fewer calories so it is the best drink to ever have. Want some flavour to savour your taste buds? Squeeze fresh lemon into the glass and drink it. In addition, you can put a pinch of salt or sugar but just a pinch to add more flavour to your water drink. Rest, it’s your choice!

Be mindful about your health as processed foods are really bad unless you are doing yourself this favour of quitting such foods.

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