Weight loss surgery in Tijuana

Weight Loss Surgery in Tijuana

As you navigate the complex world of bariatric surgery you may have come across searches like “Bariatric surgery in Tijuana” or “The best weight loss surgery in Tijuana” and as curious as you might be, you are not entirely sure what the deal is with weight loss surgery in Tijuana. Don’t worry, keep on reading and find answers to the most common questions you may have.

What bariatric surgeries can I get in Tijuana?
ALO Bariatrics offers a wide arrange of bariatric surgeries. However, our most popular ones are gastric sleeve and gastric bypass. In general terms, these procedures go something like this:

  • Gastric sleeve surgery is a permanent weight-loss procedure that consists of removing 80% volume of your stomach. This reduction in size will result in a tube-like stomach. This reduced stomach will hold in less food, so the weight-loss is permanent and immediate. You will feel satisfied with less food. Another important aspect of gastric sleeve surgery is the reduction of the ghrelin hormone, that is the hormone in charge of fueling appetite, so you will feel a considerable and permanent reduction in appetite and anxiety-driven appetite.
  • In a gastric bypass surgery, the doctor will section the stomach into two parts. The upper new area will only hold around 50 cc of volume, in contrast to 1000 cc, resulting in a reduced food ingest and a quicker satisfaction feeling. Additionally, doctors will reduce the small intestine. Since this is the organ in charge of metabolizing nutrients and calories a reduction in size means less absorption of calories. As extra good news, a gastric bypass can help you with diabetes.

Is weight-loss surgery safe in Tijuana?
Sure, this is one of the main concerns of bariatric patients, but you can be completely sure that the answer is yes. Bariatric surgery in Tijuana is 100% safe and professional. The doctors at our hospitals are internationally certified and the facilities we work at are high-end and fulfill every medical requirement. We guarantee you the best medical experience possible at COVID safe facilities.

Why should I get bariatric surgery in Tijuana?
Bariatric surgery in Mexico offers a unique balance of benefits. Our internationally renowned doctors will give you the best treatment possible while offering you cost conscious procedures. ALO Bariatrics is committed to our patients’ wellbeing and satisfaction.

What’s included a bariatric surgery package in Tijuana?
In one word: everything! ALO Bariatrics offers an all-inclusive approach to bariatric surgery in Tijuana. We got you covered: from the transportation to the meals in the hospital; you won’t see any hidden fees in your medical bill. At a glance, all our packages include:

  • Transportation San Diego – Tijuana -San Diego
  • Pre OP labs and EKG
  • One-to-one consultations with your physician before and after surgery
  • First-rate hospital facilities
  • Hotel accommodations pre and post-surgery
  • Pre OP EKG and blood test.
  • All medicines during the OP
  • Post OP exam
  • Nutritional plan by a specialist
  • Supplements kit for an after-surgery recovery
  • 24 hours support from ALO Bariatrics staff in the U.S, Canada and Mexico.

**Complications cost or other additional procedures are not included.

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